Trump Rally Draws Over 3 Million Viewers for Newsmax, Trounces Fox, CNN and MSNBC

According to newly released ratings, Newsmax’s decision to air former President Trump’s rally led to a viewership windfall, trouncing programming from Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC during the same time.

Newsmax CEO Christopher Ruddy said “Clearly Newsmax is not only drawing a huge cable audience as traditional Fox viewers defect to us, we’re tapping into the huge OTT audience Fox doesn’t serve and can’t access.”

Per the report:

According to Nielsen, 1.9 million cable viewers tuned into Newsmax to watch the network’s coverage of the former president’s rally Saturday in Wellington, Ohio.

Newsmax estimates another 1.3 million viewers watched through free streaming devices, bringing Newsmax’s total viewership over 3 million. Fox News did not air the President’s rally live.

Newsmax’s Nielsen ratings success is even more astounding considering Newsmax is carried in about 30 million less U.S. cable homes than Fox.

Still, in a key demo of 35-64, Newsmax had cable impressions per minute of 483,000 viewers, compared to Fox’s 409,000.

Even with a significantly larger reach than Newsmax, Fox was able to eke out a small win in total impressions, 1.53 million to Newsmax’s 1.4 million.

Newsmax had more than double CNN’s impressions and triple MSNBC’s, during the same time period.