Trump Mocks Schiff for Being “Upset” About Not Being Informed on Baghdadi, Schiff Responds

Monday, President Trump took to Twitter to mock House Intel Chair Adam Schiff for being allegedly “upset” for not being informed on the successful Baghdadi raid.

Trump tweeted:

Can you believe that Shifty Adam Schiff, the biggest leaker in D.C., and a corrupt politician, is upset that we didn’t inform him before we raided and killed the #1 terrorist in the WORLD!? Wouldn’t be surprised if the Do Nothing Democrats Impeach me over that! DRAIN THE SWAMP!!

Adam Schiff responded a couple hours later, writing:

Mr. President,

I’m grateful to our armed forces and intelligence professionals who did such a brilliant job of eliminating this brutal terrorist from the battlefield, and focused on the continuing fight against ISIS.

I would encourage you to do the same

Some Twitter users cheered Schiff on.

Tom Croteau wrote:

Imagine if all members of Congress, and the occupant of the Oval Office, shared Rep. Schiff’s character, integrity, professionalism, and honor? What a wonderful world this would be.

Others defended Trump, Jason Motes wrote:

I’m glad Trump didn’t tell Schiff before hand. Schiff would have leaked the intel and blew the entire operation.

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