Trump Mocks Beto at Dallas Rally, While Beto Holds Counter-Rally 10 Miles Away

President Trump brutally mocked struggling 2020 Presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke, while Beto held a counter-rally roughly 10 miles away.

Breitbart reports President Donald Trump mocked Democrat presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke’s failing campaign during his campaign rally in Dallas, Texas on Thursday.
“I called him right, remember? the flailing arms?” Trump asked, waving his arms around. “Nobody noticed it, I noticed it, the flailer, remember he was flailing all over the place.”

Trump described O’Rourke as “very dumb” for campaigning on taking away some semi-automatic rifles from American gun owners and revoking tax-exempt status for religious organizations.

“Beto in a few short weeks got rid of guns and got rid of religion – those are not too good things in Texas to get rid of,” Trump said as the crowd booed.


Presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke held a Rally Aginst Fear only 10 miles away from President Donald Trump’s Make America Great rally Thursday night.


Beto tweeted after the rally:

For all of the Americans who live in fear, our leaders must be fearless. No more weak stuff in the United States of America.

Don’t be afraid to believe.

President Trump tweeted after the rally:

Democrats are now the party of high taxes, high crime, open borders, late-term abortion, socialism, and blatant corruption. The Republican Party is the party of the American Worker, the American Family, and the American Dream!

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