Trump Leads GOP Challenger Bill Weld 833 Delegates to 1 After Super Tuesday

President Trump leads GOP challenger Bill Weld 833 delegates to 1 after coasting to victory on Super Tuesday practically unopposed.

Weld was feeling fairly optimistic in November, telling Hill.TV “If I win the New Hampshire primary, all bets are off,” Weld added “That would ordinarily be fatal for a sitting president.”

The Hill reports President Trump coasted to a series of primary victories on Super Tuesday, easily winning the GOP contests held across the country as most of the nation monitored the Democratic results.

As results continued to filter in, Trump was promptly declared the winner of Alabama, Vermont, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Maine and Tennessee, among other states. He was expected to win each of the states in the Midwest and along the west coast once voting closed later in the evening.

Trump tweeted out several graphics thanking voters in each of the states as he was declared the winner.

The president held a campaign rally in North Carolina on Monday, choosing to spend the night before Super Tuesday in what will likely be a swing state come November.

Trump is running essentially unopposed to be the GOP nominee. Former Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill.) suspended his campaign after a poor showing in Iowa. Former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld is still running a bare bones challenge to the incumbent.

Trump has glided to primary wins in each of the states thus far while facing minimal opposition. Arizona, Kansas, Nevada and South Carolina each canceled their Republican primaries or caucuses as party leaders sought to clear the president’s path to winning reelection.

Still, the Trump campaign has pointed to strong turnout among GOP primary voters as evidence the president’s support remains strong headed into November.