Trump Jr. Rips Ilhan Omar for Calling Stephen Miller a “White Nationalist”

Embattled freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar has landed herself smackdab in yet another controversy.

The New York Post reported that Omar called White House adviser Stephen Miller a “white nationalist” in a tweet on Monday afternoon.

Omar, a Democrat from Minnesota and one of the first Muslim women elected to Congress, made the statement as Miller reportedly pushed President Trump to move immigration enforcement in “tougher direction.”

“Stephen Miller is a white nationalist. The fact that he still has influence on policy and political appointments is an outrage,” Omar wrote in the tweet, accompanied by a link to a story about Miller in Splinter News.

The problem is, Stephen Miller is Jewish.

Omar received tremendous backlash for her comments, which many deemed to be antisemitic.

Very on brand for notorious Jew-hating bigot @IlhanMN to be smearing and attacking a Jewish man like Stephen Miller.

A yes, Judaism, the first sign of Nazi white supremacy. Very smart,

However, President Trump’s eldest son, Don Jr. may have delivered the harshest blow of all.

I see that the head of the Farrakhan Fan Club, @IlhanMN, took a short break from spewing her usual anti-semitic bigotry today to accuse a Jewish man of being a ‘white nationalist’ because she apparently has no shame