Trump Jr. Asks MSM to Cover Times Square Billboard Showing His Father Being Assaulted

Friday morning, Donald Trump Jr. expressed anger over a billboard showing his father being tied up and assaulted.

Trump Jr. addressed his tweet to the “NY Times and MSM” asking for them to cover this.

Hey @NYTimes and MSM. Since you had time to thoroughly cover a stupid and tasteless meme seen by 8 people with incredible outrage, I figured you should dedicate the same time and outrage to THIS BILLBOARD IN TIMES SQUARE you hypocrites!
Unless of course you’re just full of shit.

One Twitter user responded:

The US has gone through many years of moral decline and poor education. These are people that can be outraged over pronoun usage and at the same time applaud violent images like this. Trust me, if the image would have shown a cat instead of Trump, there would be protests

Judy responded “This makes me wants to Vote for @realDonaldTrump!”

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