Trump issues statement accusing CNN of publishing a fake story about him turning down a meeting with Gaetz

Former President Trump issued a statement Monday accusing CNN of a dishonest story where they claimed he turned down a meeting with Rep. Gaetz.

Jason Miller wrote:

This @CNN story is complete fake news.

No such scheduling or meeting request was ever made, and therefore, it could never have been declined.

Take note that this story has zero on-the-record sources. It’s literally made-up.

We are demanding a full retraction. #FakeNews

Rep. Gaetz also issued a statement.

“Rep. Gaetz was welcomed to Trump Doral this week and has not sought to meet with President Trump himself. He’s been mostly relaxing with his fiancée this week during recess. GOP establishment types can leak as many lies as they want to their friends at CNN, but a recent poll showed Rep Gaetz’s constituents are overwhelmingly supportive of him, and that’s the only support a Member of Congress needs,” the statement reads.

This is CNN’s report that is refuted by both Trump and Gaetz.