Trump Haters Flock to Twitter to Attack Louisiana Football Crowd for Cheering First Couple

There was no controversy over what happened when President Trump took the field in the Superdome before the CFP National Championship game.

The Louisiana crowd erupted with massive cheers and chants of “USA!”


Trump critics who clearly hate to see President Trump receiving such a positive response took to Twitter to sound off.

In a shameful display, many attacked Louisiana residents and the state of Louisiana itself.

I wonder if the fans in Louisiana, the state ranked dead last three years in a row, will cheer for Trump.

Trump got cheers from a bunch of drunk, middle-aged white guys from Louisiana and SC. Shocking!

No one will be surprised Trump got a few cheers….in Louisiana 😂

Cheers 🙄 only in the south
Education Rankings
South Carolina #40
Louisiana #48

Trump would get cheers in Louisiana, im never going to the south lmao

Cheers from Louisiana. Overwhelmingly a Trump state. One of the poorest states, highest crime rates, worst environmental record, worst for opportunities. That is why his con is perfect for his base. They are easily fooled.

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