Trump Fires Back at Al Green “Can’t Impeach Me for Creating Best Economy in History”

On Monday, President Trump took to social media to fire back at Democrats, including Rep. Al Green, for their continued calls for impeachment, which he said “is the only thing that can prevent” his re-election in the upcoming 2020 election.

“In other words, Dems can’t win the election fairly,” mused Trump, adding, “You can’t impeach a president for creating the best economy in our country’s history.”

The president went on to reaffirm the results of the Mueller probe, which ultimately found no evidence of wrongdoing against his 2016 campaign.

“ALL THE CRIMES ARE ON THE OTHER SIDE,” said Trump, who said that Democrats should be, but will not, investigate, noting, “Nevertheless, the tables are turning!”

Trump’s remarks came in response to Democrat congressman Al Green’s weekend interview, during which he called for the president’s impeachment.