Trump extends order suspending H-1B visa programs citing need to put jobs for U.S. Citizens first

President Trump has extended an executive order he signed in June halting H-1B visas as well as H-4 visas, H-2B visas, J-1 visas and L visas.

The order called the nonimmigrant visa programs “a significant threat to employment opportunities for Americans affected by the extraordinary economic disruptions caused by the covid-19 outbreak.”

President Trump’s Thursday proclamation explains “the effects of COVID-19 on the United States labor market and on the health of American communities is a matter of ongoing national concern.”

“The current number of new daily cases worldwide reported by the World Health Organization,” the statement continues “for example, is higher than the comparable number present during June, and while therapeutics and vaccines are recently available for an increasing number of Americans, their effect on the labor market and community health has not yet been fully realized.”

CNN’s take on the move was “restricting immigration has been a focus of the administration since its first days when it issued the travel ban on seven Muslim-majority countries, and it has continued into Trump’s final year in office as the White House uses the coronavirus pandemic as cover.”