Trump Exposes The TRUTH About the Mueller Witch Hunt With FACTS!

President Trump tweeted out a video that exposed the true costly numbers of the Mueller witch hunt.

Western Journal reported that President Donald Trump’s victory lap over special counsel Robert Mueller’s report is standing in stark contrast to Democrats who are starting, albeit tentatively, to line up to demand impeachment.

Impeachment is a political concern as opposed to a strictly legal one, so the findings of the Mueller report on a lack of “Russia collusion” or its 10 instances of possible obstruction — using a very expansive definition of the legal concept — isn’t really important.

(It’s a legal concept disavowed by Attorney General William Barr, it must be noted — although given Barr’s reputation among Democrats at present, that’s not going to have much sway).

What it really depends is whether or not the Democrats have the political will to turn the report into something, no matter what the report says.

As Trump tried to point out via a video Saturday, however, the Mueller investigation has already been costly to the government and the American people — and the numbers are damning.

Watch the video: