Trump endorses Kari Lake for Governor of Arizona, Lake responds “I will never let you down”

Former President Trump has endorsed Kari Lake for governor of Arizona.

‘She is strong on Crime, will protect our Border, Second Amendment, Military, and Vets, and will fight to restore Election Integrity (both past and future!). She is against Covid lockdowns, Cancel Culture, and will end “woke” curriculum in our schools,’ Trump said.

‘She will do a far better job than RINO Governor Doug Ducey—won’t even be a contest! Kari will make her wonderful family, and the MAGA movement, very proud. Kari Lake has my Complete and Total Endorsement. She will be a great Governor for the incredible people of Arizona!’ he added.

Lake released a video and tweeted:

President Trump, you inspired MILLIONS of Americans — myself included. Thank you so much for your Endorsement.

I will never let you down. I will never let the Great People of Arizona down. We have a Country to save.