Trump Critics Mock and Gloat Over His Announcement He Has Covid-19

Thursday evening, President Trump announced both he and First Lady Melania Trump have tested positive for COVID-19.

Within minutes, many Trump critics responded with gloating, crude jokes, mockery and conspiracy theories.

Here is just a small sample of the reaction.

Linda Sarsour “Seems like someone don’t wanna go back to the debate stage.”

Sam Morril “this is the first time Melania has been positive around you”

Dan Whitfield “How can you test positive for something that is a Democratic hoax? ”

“Why did you even take a test, as I thought you said that if you don’t get tested you can’t get it?”

“74 years of living all to use your life or death power over millions of others selfishly with no signs of change. that is the worst thing a person can be.”

AJ Rafael “So it’s only Kung Flu and China Virus when it’s not you who has it?”

Randi Mayem Singer “Maybe you shouldn’t have mocked people for wearing masks. Maybe you shouldn’t have encouraged packed crowds. Maybe you shouldn’t have told the CDC what to report. Maybe you don’t deserve to be POTUS.”

“Simpsons never lie.”

James Felton “[chanting] bleach bleach bleach bleach BLEACH BLEACH BLEACH BLEACH”

Rob Reiner “That damn hoax.”

Sarah Cooper “Breaking: Trump says he cannot release the results of his Covid test because they are under audit”

Rob Gill “He had it comin’, he had it comin’.”