Trump Critics Lash Out After NFL Legend Brett Favre Golfs with Trump

Trump critics didn’t take long to pounce and rage in anger after finding out NFL legend Brett Favre golfed with President Trump.

Here is some of the reaction on Twitter.

“US is in crisis and Trump is playing golf. I just lost all respect for Brett Favre.”

“Brett Favre wants you to know that he is golfing with Trump and is cool with Nazi’s.”

“Brett Favre is now dead to me.”

“Ok, Brett Favre is consorting with racists. Makes him a racist sympathizer at the very least.”

“How many Americans will die from the #TrumpVirus while Trump Golfs with Brett Favre today?”

“150,000 dead Americans. I’m working a 13 hour shift at the hospital. Trump is golfing with Brett Favre.”