Trump Critics Gloat as BLM Mural Completed on Fifth Avenue in front of Trump Tower

Trump critics are gloating on social media as the BLM mural has been completed on Fifth Avenue in front of Trump Tower.

The Office of the NYC Governor tweeted a bird’s eye photo and wrote:

“Now THAT’S luxurious.”

Mayor Bill de Blasio helped out in the painting and tweeted:

Our city isn’t just painting the words on Fifth Avenue. We’re committed to the meaning of the message. #BlackLivesMatter

Hamish Mitchell wrote:

Who wants to let @realDonaldTrump know that the Black Lives Matter mural outside Trump Tower is almost complete? #TrumpMeltdown

Dave Kass replied “Is this the greatest work of trolling in history?”

Hamish Mitchell replied “New York had a very good day today.”

Another Trump Critic replied to President Trump and wrote:

Let’s go old school & call for you to be drawn & quartered when convicted of treason. You act like a king, you can go down like a traitorous king. I propose it takes place right on 5th Ave., NYC, in front of Trump Towers on the BLM mural. You’d have a very fitting end.

Meanwhile, a group called America 1st Women is calling for their own mural.

Per Amy Kremer:

BREAKING: @America1stWomen has sent @BilldeBlasio a formal request asking to paint its own mural in NYC.

We have retained counsel should de Blasio continue infringing upon our Constitutional rights.

Tyranny MUST be stopped.

NBC Philadelphia reports many New Yorkers paused along Fifth Avenue Thursday to take photos of the developing mural.

“I think it’s amazing. It sticks it to him,” said Fran Prince of Midtown, referring to the president. “It doesn’t mean that it’ll change him. But it breaks away at the things that he thinks he can say and stop.”

Not everyone outside the president’s former home is on board with the plan. As one Trump supporter told News 4, “I’m praying for rain.”

Rain isn’t in the forecast for Thursday.

Hank Newsome, the leader of the Black Lives Movement, blasted de Blasio for allegedly not involving them in this particular mural project.

“I like this project because it annoys Trump, but we don’t need de Blasio to sign streets. We need him to sign legislation,” Newsome said in a statement.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has expressed similar sentiments. While he supports the murals, he has said trying to enact actual police reform should be the primary goal. He has aimed criticism at de Blasio over NYPD budget cuts amid the recent spike in violence. (Shortly after the city passed a budget that sharply cut NYPD funding, it paid multiple officers overtime to guard the mural project.)