Trump Critics Fantasize About “President Pelosi” After House Intel Report Condemns Pence Also

“President Pelosi” is trending on Twitter based on the House Intel report concluding both Trump and VP Pence were participants in corrupt behavior in talks with Ukraine.

If both Trump and VP Pence were to be impeached and removed, next in line for the Presidency would be speaker of the house.

Of course, to remove President Trump would require 20 Republican Senators to vote to remove him, a highly unlikely political feat.

That didn’t stop the speculation for “President Pelosi” however.

Amee Vanderpool wrote:

Trump just pulled VP Mike Pence into the whole Ukrainian scandal with this statement and I couldn’t be more fine with it.

Brian Mark Hennessy wrote:

What happens when both the President and Vice President are impeached?

Oh Yes – I remember. The leader of the House becomes President.

President Pelosi!

Oooh…so it’s President Pelosi then, right?

Remember this tweet? They’re even trying to pull Pence into it. Who does that leave next in line if both POTUS & VPOTUS are gone?
President Pelosi

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