Trump Critics Begin Attacks on Amy Coney Barrett, Bill Maher Calls Her “A F-ing Nut”

Critics of President Trump have begun their attacks on expected Trump SCOTUS nominee Amy Coney Barrett.

Among them, Bill Maher called Barrett “a f-ing nut” in a monologue.

Maher says Barrett is a “f*cing nut. Religion, I was right about that one too. Amy Coney Barrett, Catholic, really Catholic. I mean really, really Catholic, like speaking in tongues, like she doesn’t believe in condoms. Which is what she has in common with Trump. Because he doesn’t either. I remember that from Stormy Daniels. So, she’s going to be on the court.”

Other Trump critics are also already lining up their attacks.

“Amy Coney Barrett has a track record of anti-#LGBTQ rhetoric and decisions. She’s argued against trans rights, marriage equality and reproductive rights — and she shouldn’t be on the Supreme Court.”

“Amy Coney Barrett may be a woman, but she sure as hell doesn’t respect the freedom of women or anyone else who doesn’t agree with her.”

“Judge Amy Coney Barrett is a far-right, extremist judge, whose vote on the Supreme Court will put at risk the fundamental rights sacred to our democracy. If you are LGBTQ, Judge Amy Coney Barrett doesn’t believe you should get married.”