Trump Critics Attack After Melania Wishes Barron a Happy 14th Birthday

Apparently, nothing can stop Trump critics from lobbing nasty attacks at First Lady Melania Trump, even when she is simply wishing a happy birthday to her son.

Melania Trump tweeted “Happy Birthday BWT” this morning.

While most of the responses were negative, several anti-Trump Twitter users began replying with nasty messages.

On Twitter user wrote:

Happy birthday Barron. May you fall far from the tree 

Kelly added “Very very very very far from the tree.”

I hope he’s practicing what we’re all practicing not having a party not being close to each other! Not hugging kissing our children! Because his father has done all this by himself and all the other damn Republicans so have a good one Barron. Meanwhile kids can’t go Anywhere,

go away opportunist

You really are not helping your cause…u need to stay off social media. Doesn’t the kid live with you so you can say it in person?

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