Trump Critics are Calling on Twitter to “Deactivate Trump”

Critics of President Trump are calling on Twitter to “Deactivate Trump” as the hashtag #DeactivateTrump made the trending section of Twitter.

Here is just a small sample of the outrage coming from Trump critics.

“Hey @Twitter — in case you haven’t noticed, your labels don’t seem to stop trump from spreading dangerous lies.

He is spreading more every day on YOUR platform.



“#DeactivateTrump dear twitter, you are complicit in the spreading of misinformation … own up and deactivate trump today!”

“#DeactivateTrump is a very good idea.

Also his Twitter account.”

“Why can’t they see it? #Trump is evil. Was it the same with Hitler so obvious but people didn’t want to see?


#DeactivateTrump HEY Twitter…..Suspend TRUMPS TWITTER ACCOUNT”

“Dear @jack @Twitter @TwitterSafety, the labels are not sufficient. Itโ€™s past time to #DeactivateTrump. Our safety and our democracy depends on it.”

“At this point @jack you’re part of the problem. How many more lies does he have to tell before you deactivate his account? #DeactivateTrump”

“He is insisting violence. How does this not violate terms of service? Take away the babies toy and remove him from Twitter! #DeactivateTrump

“#DeactivateTrump he is literally killing people. STOP Him.”