Trump comments on potential matchup against DeSantis in 2024 “I think I would win”

Former President Trump commented on a potential matchup against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in 2024 for the GOP nomination for President.

“I don’t know if Ron is running, and I don’t ask him,” Trump told The New Yorker. “It’s his prerogative. I think I would win.”

Trump also told the New Yorker it’s the  “prerogative” or DeSantis if he wants to run.

A consultant told the publication “Trump World is working overtime to find ways to burn DeSantis down. They really hate him.”

“Ron has been told for four years that he’s Trump’s successor,” the consultant also claimed,  that all the women want to sleep with him, and all the men want to be him. Ron has heard way too many times, ‘you’re next.’”

Last week, Billionaire Elon Musk signaled he is leaning towards supporting Ron DeSantis if he runs for President in 2024.

Asked about Musk’s support, DeSantis said “I’m focused on 2022, but with @elonmusk what I would say is you know I welcome support from African-Americans. What can I say?”