Trump claims vindication at Ohio rally, says Biden is “embarrassing our country on the world stage”

During a fiery post-presidential rally, Trump claimed vindication on a number of issues, telling critics “I told you so.”

“The media and the Democrats are now admitting that I was right about everything. … Now they’re saying, ‘Well, you know, he was right about these things. That’s all right. Big deal, right?'” Trump claims. “They lied about so many things before the election.”

Per Washington Examiner “Trump pointed to the media’s shifting tone on the origins of COVID-19, the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine in combating the virus, and the use of Lafayette Park as the backdrop for a photo-op amid racial unrest last year as evidence that the press was unfair in its coverage leading up to the 2020 presidential election.”

Speaking of Biden’s decision to cancel the Keystone pipeline, Trump said “Biden is going to drive our economy and our country into ruin.”

“Joe Biden is squandering all of this hard-earned respect that we have or had, bowing down to America’s enemies, and embarrassing our country on the world stage,” Trump also said.