Trump campaign to file Wisconsin lawsuit, alleging absentee voting abuse affecting 220k ballots

According to a breaking new report from Fox News “the Trump campaign is filing a lawsuit to the Wisconsin Supreme Court Tuesday, alleging abuse around the process of absentee voting in the state, which they say affected approximately 220,000 ballots.”

Former Wisconsin Circuit Court Judge Jim Troupis, part of the Trump campaign’s legal team said “exposing exactly how the election processes were abused in Wisconsin holds enormous value for this election beyond a victory for President Trump, but the fact is, our state’s electoral votes likely won’t change the overall outcome.”

He added “regardless, we’re demonstrating that the results of this election unequivocally ought to be questioned.”

Per the report “the legal team also said  the suit highlights “a lack of transparency and credibility on part of local election officials and their willful disregard of the law on multiple occasions” and added that the state’s laws and processes gave it the “unique ability” to “illustrate this abuse with precision.”

A report from Newsmax states “the suit further claims voters were allowed to circumvent voter ID laws by claiming an absentee voting status that was only to be used by people who are indefinitely confined. Democrat election officials in March had told voters they could claim the status because of the coronavirus pandemic, the campaign says, but that was struck down by the Wisconsin Supreme Court. However, the number of people saying they were confined indefinitely jumped by almost 600% in Dane County and 500% in Milwaukee County.”