Trump campaign suffers legal defeat in Wisconsin, Trump appointed judge writes opinion

The Trump legal team suffered another defeat Christmas Eve as a federal appeals court rejected the attempt to challenge Biden’s win in the state of Wisconsin.

According to Politico “a three-judge panel of the Chicago-based 7th Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously dismissed arguments from Trump’s attorneys that the Wisconsin Election Commission violated the U.S. Constitution through steps prompted by the coronavirus pandemic, including easing photo identification requirements and allowing the use of dropboxes to collect absentee ballots.”

7th Circuit Court Judge Michael Scudder, who was appointed by Trump wrote “the President had a full opportunity before the election to press the very challenges to Wisconsin law underlying his present claims. Having foregone that opportunity, he cannot now — after the election results have been certified as final — seek to bring those challenges.”

He added “all of this is especially so given that the Commission announced well in advance of the election the guidance he now challenges.”

Scudder also wrote “whatever actions the Commission took here, it took under color of authority expressly granted to it by the Legislature. And that authority is not diminished by allegations that the Commission erred in its exercise.”