Trump calls for Biden to be drug tested before first debate “Me, too. I take an aspirin a day”

President Trump is calling for drug testing before his first debate with Joe Biden that is scheduled to take place September 29th.

Trump said in the interview he’s willing to be drug tested himself “I’m asking for a drug test. Both candidates. Me, too. I take an aspirin a day.”

“Nobody thought that he was even going to win because his debate performances were so bad.” President Trump said during his Oval office interview.

“Frankly, his best performance was against Bernie. We’re going to call for a drug test, by the way, because his best performance was against Bernie.” Trump continued

“It wasn’t that he was Winston Churchill, because he wasn’t, but it was a normal, boring debate. You know, nothing amazing happened. And we are going to call for a drug test, because there’s no way — you can’t do that.” he added.

Asked what he thought was going on during Biden’s debate with Bernie, Trump replied “I don’t know how he could have been so incompetent in his debate performances and then all of a sudden be OK against Bernie,”

He added “My point is, if you go back and watch some of those numerous debates, he was so bad. He wasn’t even coherent. And against Bernie, he was. And we’re calling for a drug test.”

Trump later added “Well, it is a prizefight. It’s no different from the gladiators, except we have to use our brain and our mouth. And our body — to stand. I want all standing; they want to sit down.”