Trump Blasts MSNBC Host, Calls her a “3rd rate lapdog for Fake News MSDNC”

Saturday, President Trump blasted MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace, tweeting:

She was thrown off The View like a dog, Zero T.V. Personas. Now Wallace is a 3rd rate lapdog for Fake News MSDNC (Concast). Doesn’t have what it takes!

Trump was responding to a tweet by conservative voice Mark Levin, who wrote “One of MSLSD’s stable of dimwits, Nicolle Wallace, humiliating herself, again”

Levin was referring to this particular segment where Wallace claimed “The right is running a smear campaign against Joe Biden.”

Per Deadline, Wallace hosts Deadline: White House on MSNBC, and was a panelist on ABC’s The View from 2014 to 2015.

She previously served as White House communications director for George W. Bush and was a senior advisor for John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign, however, she is now a staunch critic of the Trump administration.

According to Breitbart, Wallace left the Republican party, joining up with the scattered Never Trump punditry propped up by cable news.

In 2018, she asked an NBC reporter how she resisted the temptation to run up and wring White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders’ neck.

She was also mocked for an interview with Biden in March.