Trump and Biden Supporters React to Announced Debate Moderators

The debate moderators for all 3 Presidential debates between President Trump and Joe Biden have been announced, along with the debate moderator for the 1 VP debate between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris.

Sept. 29 (1st debate): Chris Wallace, Fox News

Oct. 7 (VP debate): Susan Page, USA Today

Oct. 15 (2nd debate) : Steve Scully, C-SPAN

Oct. 22nd (3rd debate) : Kristen Welker, NBC News

The reaction from Trump and Biden supporters on Twitter has been mixed.

Overall, examining feedback from Twitter users,  both sides were generally neither thrilled nor disappointed.

Emily Larsen noted that none on the Trump campaign list of 24 debate moderator recommendations were chosen.

Some Biden supporters were apparently hoping for CNN fact checker Daniel Dale, either seriously or in jest.

Chris Wallace received a mix reaction. Wallace moderated the final Trump Hillary debate and was praised by most at the time.

Several Biden supporters expressed concern over “fact checkers.”

A lot of Trump supporters still question whether Biden will actually attend.

Some Trump supporters felt the moderators were stacked with those against him.