Trump and Biden Neck and Neck in New Post-Debate Zogby Poll

A new Zogby poll has President Trump and Joe Biden neck and neck. This poll was taken after the Trump vs. Biden presidential debate.

Biden leads by a margin of 2 points – 49% to 47% with 4% undecided. This margin is notable because in 2016 President Trump was able to defeat Hillary Clinton in the electoral college definitively while losing the popular vote by a similar margin of 2.1%.

The same Zogby poll had Biden leading by 6 points in late August (48-42%)

Another notable result in the new Zogby poll is that a plurality of those polled believe President Trump will win the election.

43% polled believe Trump will win compared to 40% believing Biden will win.

Trump’s approval rating also climbed to 50% compared to 47% who disapprove.