Trump Admin Considers Making Illegals Pay for Their Deportation Appeals

The Trump administration is considering a proposal that may make illegals think twice before appealing their deportation appeals.

Per the NY Times, illegal immigrants who hope to challenge their deportation orders could be charged nearly $1,000 to go to court under a proposed new regulation unveiled Thursday, a nearly tenfold increase that immigration lawyers warn could make deportation appeals much more difficult to pursue.

The new fee schedule is the latest in a series of moves by the Trump administration to speed up deportations and discourage the arrival of immigrants. Under the same proposal, the administration wants to require asylum-seekers to pay a $50 fee to have their cases heard in court; historically, the asylum process has been available to people fleeing persecution regardless of their ability to pay.

Breitbart reports President Trump’s administration is reviewing a plan to make illegal aliens ordered deported by a federal immigration judge pay for their own appeals to those decisions, rather than the current process that forces American taxpayers to subsidize the costs.

A new regulation being weighed by the Trump administration would increase the fees that illegal aliens would have to pay to appeal their deportation orders by federal immigration judges. Currently, American taxpayers subsidize the cost of those appeals to the sum of $44.4 million a year.

Fees for illegal aliens to appeal their deportation orders, or reopen their cases, currently cost them about $100 to $110. Under the new regulation — which would be the first update to the fee amounts since 1986 — the cost to appeal deportation orders would run anywhere from $305 to $975.

The increase in fees would ensure that illegal aliens, not American taxpayers, are covering the costs for their requests to appeal their deportation orders.

In cases where an illegal alien is specifically appealing a deportation order by a federal immigration judge, American taxpayers are forced to subsidize about $28 million a year in costs. In other cases where illegal aliens are requesting their deportation orders be cancelled, the process costs American taxpayers nearly $8 million a year.