Trudeau praises Biden, says “it’s great to see America reengage”

Canadian primer minister Justin Trudeau praised President Biden during an interview on “Meet the Press” saying “it’s great to see America reengage.”

Trudeau said “I believe that we all need to work together in a more active way, and I’m glad to see the new administration — this is something I spoke with President Biden about directly — it’s great to see America reengage.”

He continued “I think certainly there were things that were more challenging under the previous administration in terms of moving the dial in the right direction on the international stage. But at the same time, you know, we all have democracies that go in different directions from time to time.”

“And the sweep of the work that we need to do together as allied nations in the G-7 and elsewhere continues to be really important,” he added.

Trudeau had a rocky relationship with President Trump and was once caught on a hot mic appearing to gossip about him with other world leaders  December of 2019.