Trevor Noah claims Portland had been “allowing peaceful demonstrations without much interference” until Feds arrived

In a new segment of his show, Trevor Noah made the contentious claim that Portland officials had been allowing peaceful demonstrations “without much interference” until Trump sent federal law enforcement.


Nearly all of the top reactions on Yahoo did not agree with Noah’s characterization. Here are the top comments at this time.

50 days of peaceful protest in Portland and the summer of love in Seattle. Media propaganda.

Secret police? Peaceful protests? Yahoo actually writes a story agree with this too

Really Yahoo? Really?? Peaceful protest and secret police. Is it even possible for you to tell the truth in one story? Obviously not

While in Chicago 16 people were shot overnight. Maybe some more police wouldn’t hurt?

HAHAHA Allowing peaceful protests for 50 days? Has anyone watched the live streams or looked at Portland? Portland is starting to look like Detroit, did not know peaceful people vandalize buildings, light fires, tear down statues and throw things and taunt the cops.