Transgender Activist Accuses Kurt Suzuki of “Enthusiastically Embracing a Monster”

Transgender activist Charlotte Clymer took to Twitter to voice her displeasure at the Nationals celebrating at the White House.

She also named Kurt Suzuki specifically, who wore a MAGA hat and received an embrace from Trump that went viral.

Not gonna lie: having spent the past decade cheering on the Nats and the last several months obsessed w/ their playoff journey, it’s pretty heartbreaking to see Kurt Suzuki and company go far beyond polite reception and cozying up to a monster who hates people like me.

It’s not surprising to see conservative men come out of the woodwork to lecture on needing others to agree with my politics. It’s not about that. It never was. Trump does not see me as a human being worthy of equal rights. That’s an incredibly low bar.

There’s a difference between cordially attending the White House (though I certainly wouldn’t) and enthusiastically embracing a monster who has horrifically attacked marginalized people over the past two years. If you can’t see the difference, I feel sorry for you.

According to Chartwell, Clymer is currently the press secretary for rapid response at the Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest civil rights organization dedicated to advancing lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) equality. Her day-to-day work involves running the organization’s messaging in response to the White House and federal policy.

She also serves on the D.C. Commission for Persons with Disabilities, the Board for the Center for Law and Military Policy, the Military and Veterans Advisory Council for Outserve-SLDN (Servicemember’s Legal Defense Network), and the Advisory Councils for Running Start and the Lone Star Parity Project, organizations working toward gender parity in elected office.

Not everyone agreed with Clymer.

Jeremiah Geiger-Selva wrote:

If Kurt Suzuki wants to support @DonaldTrump than big deal. Suzuki is a man and has his own beliefs that he is entitled to. He is our president and I will support him. I dont agree with all Trump says, but I am certianly proud of my country.

Seth Milman, reminded Charlotte “At least there is Sean Doolittle.”

Nationals player Sean Doolittle refused to attend the White House ceremony. 

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