Top Michigan Republican officials say state won’t change electors or flip state to Trump

Two top Republican officials in Michigan have made it clear that Michigan will not be awarding their state electors to Trump.

State Senate majority leader Mike Shirkey said “Michigan’s Democratic slate of electors should be able to proceed with their duty, free from threats of violence and intimidation.”

He added “President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Harris won Michigan’s presidential election. It is our responsibility as leaders to follow the law and move forward in pursuit of policies that contribute to the betterment of Michigan.”

House Speaker Lee Chatfield (R) said “I fought hard for President Trump. Nobody wanted him to win more than me. I think he’s done an incredible job. But I love our republic, too. I can’t fathom risking our norms, traditions and institutions to pass a resolution retroactively changing the electors for Trump, simply because some think there may have been enough widespread fraud to give him the win.”

“That’s unprecedented for good reason,” he continued “And that’s why there is not enough support in the House to cast a new slate of electors. I fear we’d lose our country forever. This truly would bring mutually assured destruction for every future election in regards to the Electoral College. And I can’t stand for that. I won’t.”