Top Dem Strategist Worries About 2020, Admits, “We Could Blow This”

According to prominent Democrat strategist Joe Trippi, the left’s 2020 chances are looking increasingly grim, prompting the blunt assertion that “we could blow this,” during a recent interview.

Trippi noted that Democrats are in a position of potentially “making the path easier” for President Trump to win re-election, and expressing his concern for what he implied was a lack of understanding of the difficulties faced by 2020 candidates.

The Democrat strategist also noted that the number of candidates currently seeking the party’s nomination are another factor working against them heading into the upcoming election.

As the 2020 election draws ever nearer, Democrat hopefuls such as Beto O’Rourke, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders appear increasingly desperate to stand out in an ever-growing pool of potential nominees.

From NTK Network:

Joe Trippi, a top strategist in the Democratic Party who most recently served as a senior adviser to Sen. Doug Jones’ (D-AL) shocking 2017 upset victory, expressed concern about Democrats’ chances in 2020, telling Yahoo! News “we could blow this.”

“We could blow this,” Trippi said in an interview on the Yahoo News podcast “The Long Game,” on Friday. “We’re a party that’s totally capable of making the path easier for [Trump], particularly if we fall into the traps he tends to set.”

Trippi also expressed concern that many of the Democratic campaigns don’t grasp how important the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary will be.

“I think a lot of these teams are underestimating just how strong the impulse will be” among the media and voters to cut the field down after Iowa and New Hampshire, the second primary contest,” Tripp said according to Yahoo. “It’s kind of a law of gravity. The press and all of us cannot follow 18 people. … We can’t do it.”

Trippi added that he believes the eventual Democratic nominee will run against Trump “on a hopeful, uniting message.”

“I do not think this is ideological. I think it’s tone,” Trippi said.