Toobin Mocked After His Prediction Abortion Would Be illegal By Now in 20 States Fails

CNN pundit Jeffrey Toobin is getting brutally mocked for his wildly incorrect prediction he made June 27th 2018 claiming abortion would be illegal in 20 states by now.

Toobin’s failed prediction was supposedly based on the fact Anthony Kennedy was retiring at the time but has ended up to be an outrageous fail.

Toobin also famously claimed Roe v. Wade would be doomed at the time.


Multiple Twitter users mocked Toobin over his failed prediction.

Dave Martinez tweeted:

18 months to the day.

This is the insight that qualifies someone to be the “Chief Legal Analyst” for a major cable news station

Steve Krakauer tweeted:

It’s important for the media to fact-check itself. This was not a “this may happen” or “this could happen.” It was a declarative fact from CNN’s chief legal analyst, who specializes in the Supreme Court. Today is 18 months. And abortion is illegal in zero states.

It’s been 18 months. How are things going on this front?

Where’s the illegal abortion you promised us?

Another swing and a miss for @cnn.

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