Tomi suggests police refuse to serve Hollywood street with new permanent BLM street mural

A permanent mural that reads “All Black Lives Matter” on Hollywood Boulevard in Southern California has been completed.

The permanent mural, created by artist Luckie Alexander, replaces the temporary mural painted in June and commemorates the June March.

Artist Alexander explained that each word honors a different group. The “all” represents the trans community, “black” represents the black community and “lives” represents the non-binary and gender non-conforming community.

Late August, upon news that the mural would be create, conservative commentator Tomi Lahren suggested police boycott the street the mural is painted on.

She tweeted “a permanent BLM street mural will be painted in LA. Hmm me thinks law enforcement should refuse to serve that street and the surrounding streets and let’s see how that goes.”

Lahren added “Let’s see if those self-righteous Hollywood Libs will be so WOKE after that!”