Tomi Lahren Defends Border Patrol, Calls AOC a “Disgrace to This Nation!”

Freshman rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made waves by claiming California Border Patrol officers were “physically and sexually threatening” towards her during a visit of a migrant detention center.

AOC also claimed the conditions were unacceptable and included officers telling detainees to drink out of the toilet.

CBP officials fired back and have clarified that every toilet also has a sink with drinking water.

Conservative commentator defended border patrol officers and called AOC a “disgrace”

You have zero awareness of what our @CBP officers do on a daily basis. Are you surprised they don’t want to be around you? No law enforcement official would. You’re completely out of line and a disgrace to this nation. I feel sorry for our @CBP officers who had to be near you.

Lahren then made a bigger point expressing her belief that the left is opposed to law enforcement in general.

The Left hates law enforcement, period. Gets in the way of growing their precious illegal immigrant voting bloc. The demonization of @CBP is disgusting. They are dealing with this invasion every single day while Democrats just come down for a photo op & shed crocodile tears.