Tom Cotton to introduce bill to stop military from teaching Critical Race Theory

Appearing at the North County Republican Dinner in New Hampshire, Senator Tom Cotton (R- AR) announced “I’m about to demand all these generals and admirals that want another promotion to commit that they are not going to be teaching anything like this [CRT] in their commands.”

“CTR is the anti-American idea that the most important thing about you is your skin color,” he continued “that some people are inherently privileged and oppressive because of the color of their skin. That first and foremost you should not be an individual, but rather a representative of people with the same skin color.”

“All of these are diametrically opposed to the American founding,” Cotton continued. “They are opposed to what Dr. Martin Luther King said in his Dream Speech, ‘that we should be judged on the content of our character and not the color of our skin.’”

“These radicals today who want to repudiate the American founding… are trying to indoctrinate our kids, are trying to … your fellow workers. If you speak out, you might be ostracized. You might lose your job. Your business might be boycotted. You might lose your spot in school — all because you stood for the same thing that Dr. Martin Luther King stood for,” Cotton added, declaring “It is an outrage and has to be fought.”

Meanwhile, last week, TN GOP Rep. Mark Green called on US Air Force professor Lynne Chandler García to be fired for teaching “Critical Race Theory.”

Green said in a letter “Disparaging the United States as a racist country should disqualify anyone from teaching at one of our country’s most prestigious institutions.”

“Our service academies prepare young men and women to fight for our country. How can we expect anyone to fight for a country they are taught is racist?” he asked.

Green concludes “If we allow this destructive ideology to be taught in our Military Service Academies, we will be responsible for this nation’s demise. Professor García must be removed from her teaching position, and for the sake of our national security: Stop Critical Race Theory from being taught in our military service academies.”