Tom Cotton releases statement, says he won’t object to the electoral college vote

Senator Tom Cotton made it clear he won’t be joining the group of Senators challenging the electoral college vote.

Cotton stated he believes the effort led by Senators Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz could “establish unwise precedents.”

“I share the concerns of many Arkansans about irregularities in the presidential election, especially in states that rushed through election-law changes to relax standards for voting-by-mail. I also share their disappointment with the election results. I therefore support a commission to study the last election and propose reforms to protect the integrity of our elections. And after Republicans win in Georgia, the Senate should also hold more hearings on these matters. All Americans deserve to have confidence in the elections that undergird our free government,” Cotton says.

“Nevertheless, the Founders entrusted our elections chiefly to the states—not Congress,” Cotton continues. “They entrusted the election of our president to the people, acting through the Electoral College—not Congress. And they entrusted the adjudication of election disputes to the courts—not Congress. Under the Constitution and federal law, Congress’s power is limited to counting electoral votes submitted by the states.

“If Congress purported to overturn the results of the Electoral College, it would not only exceed that power, but also establish unwise precedents,” Cotton added. “First, Congress would take away the power to choose the president from the people, which would essentially end presidential elections and place that power in the hands of whichever party controls Congress. Second, Congress would imperil the Electoral College, which gives small states like Arkansas a voice in presidential elections.”

Cotton also argued “Democrats could achieve their longstanding goal of eliminating the Electoral College in effect by refusing to count electoral votes in the future for a Republican president-elect. Third, Congress would take another big step toward federalizing election law, another longstanding Democratic priority that Republicans have consistently opposed.”

“Thus, I will not oppose the counting of certified electoral votes on Jan. 6,” Cotton concluded.

Cotton was blasted in the comments by Trump supporters.

One Twitter user wrote “Moved to Arkansas from Texas. Guess I had high hopes for this guy… too bad he wants to play silly little games.”

Another wrote “Weak men take the easy way, even when its wrong.”

Another wrote “I stopped reading after the third paragraph. Bye Sen Cotton.”