TN lawmaker introduces “Kyle’s Law” to “strengthen protection of self-defense and Second Amendment”

A TN lawmaker has introduced “Kyle’s Law,” named after Kyle Rittenhouse, to compensate defendants charged with criminal homicide who are found not guilty.

Republican state Rep. Bruce Griffey said the bill’s purpose is to “strengthen protection of self-defense and Second Amendment rights in the state.”

Per The Blaze “Kyle’s Law” states that a defendant can make a motion for reimbursement following a not-guilty verdict and the court would determine how much the defendant is entitled to. There is an exception that lets the court deny reimbursement in a case where the defendant’s actions were found to be justified but the defendant was engaged in criminal conduct.

Griffey explained “Kyle Rittenhouse had to defend himself not only against a first-degree murder charge over the course of a year-plus politically-motivated prosecution and a two-week jury trial, but also against widespread defamation and false branding by corrupt media outlets, simply for exercising his American, God-given right to self-defense.”

“Luckily, Kyle Rittenhouse was rightfully acquitted of all charges, but not after thousands of dollars were expended on attorney fees for his legal defense, reputational damage was incurred and emotional stress was suffered,” he added. “Kyle Rittenhouse can never fully be made whole for what he was forced to endure, but under the law I’m proposing, if someone in TN is placed in the same situation as Kyle Rittenhouse in the future, he/she can at least be financially compensated. My bill will help deter what happened to Kyle Rittenhouse from happening to someone in Tennessee and will help protect the right of Tennesseans to self-defense.”