Tlaib Reacts to Death of Soleimani By Attacking “Lawless President” Trump

“Squad” member Rashida Tlaib reacted to President Trump’s decision to order airstrikes that successfully killed Iranian general Soleimani with negativity towards the President.

Tlaib called Trump “lawless” and claimed “Congress alone has the authority to declare war,” calling for lawmakers to “reclaim our responsibility.”

Tlaib tweeted:

We cannot stay silent as this lawless President recklessly moves us closer to yet another unnecessary war that puts innocent lives at risk at home & across the globe.

Congress alone has the authority to declare war, & we must reclaim our responsibility & say no to war with Iran.

Several Trump supporters responded to Tlaib, disagreeing.

Steph tweeted:

We killed a filthy terrorist that attack our embassy. President Trump didn’t declare war on anyone.

Laurie tweeted:

Believe me! We are NOT staying silent. We want you OUT and we want @POTUS back again.

And there are the memes…

Again…I love how Democrats suddenly care about congressional authorization for this after eight years of letting Obama play as much Drone Strike as he pleased. Hypocrites.

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