Tlaib Faces Call to be Reprimanded for Sharing “F a National Day of Prayer” Tweet

Catholic league President William A. Donahue has sent the following letter to House Ethics Committee chairman Rep. Ted Deutch (D-FL) calling for Rashida Tlaib to be reprimanded over sharing David Hogg’s obscene tweet mocking prayer.

Rashida Tlaib shared a message March 14th on Twitter from anti-gun activist David Hogg that included the phrase “F**k a National day of prayer.”

In the letter Donahue writes:

Many Christians and Jews loathe her for her hate speech as well, but they don’t resort to obscenities. Now she has targeted entire collectivities, crossing the line by insulting Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Mormons, Muslims and people of all faiths.

In a time when the nation is trying to come together, Rep. Tlaib is attacking the faithful. At the very least, the House Ethics Committee should reprimand her.

In 1921, Rep. Thomas L. Blanton was actually censured for inserting into the Congressional Record a document that contained ‘blasphemous and obscene’ language. To do nothing is to send the wrong message to millions of Americans.

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