Tlaib Claims “They are turning our neighborhoods into military states” after ICE raid

Reacting to news of ICE busts in NY, “squad” member Rashida Tlaib went on a tweet storm.

Annie Correal wrote “Officers were recorded going door to door in an apartment building and threatening to use force to get in. At least one was photographed brandishing an assault rifle in the street outside.” to which Rashida Tlaib responded “Unfreaking believable.”

Tlaib responded to the peephole image of an apparent ICE agent by writing:

They are turning our neighborhoods into military states.

They will claim that this is an isolated incident. It’s not.

Then they will say this person has a criminal warrant. Nope, probably an immigration violation that doesn’t require this type of violent aggressive treatment

Correal then added “ICE said it was a criminal arrest warrant issued by a federal judge, noting ICE’s local SRT is used for criminal arrests/high-risk enforcement. Residents tonight said officers who went door to door did not show a warrant with a name or ask for a specific person.”

Tlaib responded

You see what happens when you do nothing to fix our broken immigration system. Instead they criminalize our immigrant neighbors.

They would never treat the CEOs & corps out there profiting from our broken systems that keep people living in the shadows. This is how they like it.

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