Tlaib Blasts GOP Senators Who Left Their Seats While Schiff Spoke “If you don’t want to do your job…then you should quit”

Tlaib blasted GOP Senators who left their seats during Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler’s lengthy presentations.

According to Michael McAuliff, there were 21 empty seats a couple hours into Adam Schiff’s presentation.

McAuliff wrote “Some are just stretching their legs, but most are not in the chamber. Some of them have been out of there for a while.”

Tlaib took exception to GOP Senators leaving their seats and tweeted:

If you don’t want to do your job Senators, then you should quit. @SenateGOP

Tlaib’s comment was met with those who disagree.

Jess wrote “If I had to listen to @RepAdamSchiff for another day I would go to the bathroom as well!!!”

Jen wrote “I dont blame them.. Adam Schiff said the same thing..over and over.. in different words over and over. They need to stetch their legs so they dont fall asleep!”

Joe wrote “Listening to Shifty for Over 10 minutes is capital punishment”

Tlaib may have also forgotten this…

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