Tim Scott predicts November Red Wave, with GOP flipping House and Senate and the betting markets agree

Speaking speaking at the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s 2022, Senator Tim Scott predicted a November Red Wave with the GOP flipping the House and Senate.

Scott said “I believe that we are going to win the House and bring it back to the right. I believe we’re going to win the Senate and bring it back to a majority.”

And in two years, I have a dream that with a House on our side, and a Senate on our side, and the White House back on our side,” Scott continued. “We will show America what leadership looks like.”

“We’re not gonna break you down by what color you are, where you live, we’re going to support giving you your money back. That’s called tax reductions,” Scott added.

The betting market of PredictIt backs up Scott’s Prediction.

Republicans are heavily favored to control both the Senate and House after 2022.