Tim Pool says “Parler was growing too fast” and big tech “panicked’

Appearing on Fox News, Journalist and YouTube personality Tim Pool discussed the rise and censorship of Parler.

“Parler was growing too fast,” Pool said, “It was creating an alternate space for many conservative personalities and the pressure was so great, even I recognized I needed to have a profile there so I started posting a little bit less on twitter. I still use it and these other platforms, but the big, the defining factor of whether or not one of these companies will succeed is critical mass. It was very clear that finally conservatives found a platform where they were gaining that critical mass.”

“I think these companies panicked,” he continued. “You take a look at where all these companies are located, they are all in similar areas in Silicon Valley and we have seen this pattern of abuse before from these companies, these guys know each other. these VCs, I would assume most of them are friends… Parler actually challenged Twitter. What you see from these tech companies, Facebook, YouTube, twitter they control the space and they control the speech. Think about what’s going on with this pandemic: you can’t go outside, you can’t go to the bars and hang out with your friends, all of these rules you are forced to communicate online.”

“They restrict certain opinions that normal people have, it’s almost like they are engineering the conversation whether it’s intentional or not. Parler gave a space to those other opinions and they nuked it. Just what they did,” he added.