Thunberg Causes Stir With Defiant “Women’s Day” Tweet, James Woods Responds to Her

Sunday, Greta Thunberg issued a defiant “International Women’s Day” tweet writing:

The tweet instantly went viral with nearly 200k likes and over 40k responding.

Today is #International Women’s Day and we recognise that women are still far from equal to men in today’s societies,” she wrote via Twitter on Sunday. “We can not have climate justice without gender equity.”

And remember; what we women want today — and every day — is equality, not congratulations or celebrations,” the teen added, along with a photo of herself.

One of those responding was legendary actor James Woods.

Woods was not impressed with Thunberg’s statement and wrote:

Just for the record women on the average have more rights and government grants in America than men do.

Another Twitter user responded to Greta, writing:

I’m a black female physician. Nothing held me back. I make as much or more than my male peers. How about let’s quit blaming society and all just work hard.

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