Thousands of Biden Docs Kept Secret After Initial Date for Public Release Passes

Thousands of documents relating to Joe Biden’s time in the Senate that were initially supposed to be released December 31st 2019 by the University of Delaware are still unavailable to the public.

The below screenshot is from the University of Delaware website.

On April 24th 2019, the University of Delaware added the stipulation “or two years after the donor retires from public life.”

Last July, Wapo reported Joe Biden’s Senate records could answer questions about his past actions — but they’re being kept secret.

Wapo wrote:

Joe Biden’s effort to make his lengthy experience the central issue of his campaign has been confounded by questions about his actions during almost four decades as a U.S. senator, on issues including criminal justice, busing and the hearings into the nomination of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

Those questions might be answered in the massive trove of Senate records he donated eight years ago to the University of Delaware under an agreement that they could be made public by early this year.

But the records are being kept secret, following new terms the university posted on its website just before Biden made his presidential campaign official in April.

Biden has sought to blunt criticism of his past actions by putting the most positive spin on them, but the limited availability of documents from his 36-year Senate career complicates a full evaluation of his record. 

The collection of documents that Biden donated to his alma mater fills 1,875 boxes and also includes 415 gigabytes of electronic records. It includes committee reports, drafts of legislation and correspondence.