“This is pathetic” GOP Rep. Owens fires back at Pat Bagley cartoon comparing him to the KKK

GOP Rep. Burgess Owens has fired back at Salt Lake Tribune Cartoonist Pat Bagley’s cartoon comparing him to a Klansman in the KKK.

“The @sltrib and @Patbagley compare me to the KKK, the radical hate group that terrorized me in my youth, because I am one of many sounding the alarm of the trauma being faced by women and children crossing the border. This is pathetic.
#wokeracism” Owens tweeted.

Pat Bagley wrote “I can’t speak to the Black experience (obviously). But I can speak to the effect the words @RepBurgessOwens used have on White people. From time immemorial they have been used to stir up irrational fear and animosity”

Rick Gorka replied “The humanitarian crisis at the border and @BurgessOwens
calling attention to what is happening does not give you license you equate him to the KKK.”

“It is a despicable attack from a racist newspaper. But keep trying explain it away,” he added.

Kat Cammack wrote “This is pathetic and wrong. I’ve witnessed firsthand exactly what @BurgessOwens talked about at the border. Implying similarities between him and the KKK is despicable.

@sltrib should be ashamed.”