The hashtag #BillClintonisaPedo is Trending on Twitter

The hashtag #BillClintonisaPedo is trending on Twitter after new unsealed docs suggest the former President was on pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s Island.

Bill Clinton continues to deny he was on Epstein’s Island though he has admitted in the past to flying on Epstein’s plane.

Screenshot of Twitter trending section 8/2/20

Here are some of the tweets using the hashtag.

“Not sure Bill can lie his way out of this?”

“Twitter is trying so hard to bury the #BillClintonIsAPedo hashtag to the bottom of the trending page”

“Never forget that Hillary Clinton’s State Department obstructed investigations related to child sex abuse. #BillClintonIsAPedo

“So, #BillClintonIsAPedo has over 200k tweets and it is placed at 25th trending hashtag and #TrumpIsLosing has 22+k tweets and its 24th. How is that possible? Can someone explain.”

Don’t let this image vanish from the internet #BillClintonIsAPedo

#BillClintonIsAPedo is trending. Mainstream news:”

#BillClinton calling Twitter support when he sees #BillClintonIsAPedo trending at #1″

Im retweeting #BillClintonIsAPedo as much as possible because no one should be sticking up for this or covering it up anymore.”

“Bill logs onto Twitter this morning and checks the trending list #BillClintonIsAPedo”

Remember when @BillClinton said “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”? Remind me how’d that turn out? Do you seriously believe his #EpsteinIsland denial? #BillClintonIsAPedo

Hey @Twitter if you could put #BillClintonIsAPedo on the main top trending page that would be great since it’s top trending. Thanks!”