Texas State Senator files 7 election bills aimed at strengthening election integrity

Texas State Senator Paul Bettencourt announced Monday the filing of 7 election bills aimed at strengthening voter roll integrity.

“The seven bills themselves really represent my ideas to make sure that we have integrity in the voter roll as well as in the election system,” Bettencourt said.

Bettencourt tweeted:

Filed 7 election bills, 5 joint authors on most all @SenatorBirdwell @CreightonForTX @loiskolkhorst @SenatorBobHall @DrSchwertner to strengthen voter roll election integrity. #SB1111 stops reg at private P.O. Boxes #SB1113 SOS holds funds to clean roll & #SB1114 roll cross checks

“Integrity Seven” bills drafted 2 fix issues revealed in 2020 Pres Election & many cases litigated in @SupremeCourt_TX  #SB1110 fast dispute res, #SB1112 keep absentee ballot sigs #SB1115 uniform hours & #SB1116 transparency. Expecting ominous #txlege from Chair @SenBryanHughes